Technique Systems

Dr. Bentley provides optional technique systems in addition to structural care to empower and promote healing for our practice members. These include CEW, Holographic Health and NIS. 

It is important to recognize that within the human condition, interferences can be caused by thoughts traumas and toxins. To thrive as multidimensional beings, we need to be mindful of our emotional, structural and biochemical facets of the human condition, so the whole body requires a combination of approaches. 

Learn more at your next appointment, Dr. Bentley is always happy to share! In the meantime, read a bit more below about each of these systems and make sure to check out services offered at our offices here


CEW, “Creative Emotional Wizardry,” is a healing method developed by Dr. Randall Robirds. It is a modality derived and influenced by many techniques including TBM, Applied Kinesiology, and Neorlink. It centers around the metaphysical and emotional well being using muscle testing to asses the bodies needs. Every muscle movement is a neurological event in which information is sent through the nervous system. Applied kinesiology, also know as muscle strength testing, is a method of evaluating the body on the basis that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and indicating muscle weaknesses can signal internal problems such as to address the needs of the nervous system, nutritional deficiencies or excesses imbalances in the body’s “energy pathways” and other health concerns. Dr. Robirds has evolved this method to address many potential ailments in the physical body, but also the mental and spiritual aspects of ones well being. Dr. Bentley has been trained by Dr. Robirds to bring this modality to you. 

Holographic Health

Holographic Health was developed by Dr. Barody, who received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College of Marietta, GA, in 1981. He has pursued several degrees and certifications since in nutrition, natural healing methods, and different forms of acupuncture, herbology, homeopathy and kinesiology. 

Drawing from so many different healing techniques, Dr. Barody has been able to develop and enhance his Holographic Health system of healing. This system is the integrated study of all of those fields and the relating of those fields to the pursuit of a balanced state of superior, ongoing health. Dr. Barody has an extensive line of bio kinetic food supplements to improve and address specific aspects of optimizing ones health. Holographic Health can address ailments ranging from ones internal physiology to mental and emotional syndromes.

Neurolink or NIS

NIS, “Neurological Integration System,” recognizes the neurophysiological link between the brain and how these links govern the optimum function of all these systems. Doctors utilize this system to evaluate the bodies needs from a neurophysiological stance to more precisely identify the cause of complaints. NIS Allows practitioners to link the brain to become congruent with neurological, physiological, emotional, and pathological patterns that will collectively restore homoeostasis. NIS can address many complaints, to name a few: Structural (spinal, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints), Physical (immune, digestive, respiratory, heart), Neurological (trauma, ADD/ADHA), Hormonal(depression, fertility, female health), and Emotional (anxiety, bi polar, PTSD). 

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