First Visit

What to expect on your first visit!

We welcome anyone and everyone to our Foundational Wellness Center who wants to start their path to wellness living! Especially children, Newborn and up!

Things to expect on your first visit would start with a phone call.

We do Daily reminder calls to ensure that you can make it on time. We have you show up 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to get you checked and signed in. As you are new we will also ensure that you have brought your packet filled out and ready to go. (If you don’t have the packet ready before your appointment, we will need you to arrive 25 minutes early, to fill out a packet that we can provide here in the office. (It does take a good 20 minutes to fill out). Next we will take you back to get your pre-posture photos taken before you see the doctor. 

At this point, you spend your time with the doctor. After the session with him, we will take you back once more and take pictures of your awesome new posture!

On your way out, we will take payment and schedule you for your next appointment. As it is your first visit, we will provide you with a folder full of information that the doctor went over with you, more information on our office and what else we do here. 

Practice members 12 years and up will also receive a Lumbar support at their first visit. 

We are extremely family friendly and welcome all children to our office (patients or not…yet!) We encourage you to bring your child to the office with you! We have child friendly employees present while you are in your appointment. There is movies to watch, books to read, coloring books, a couple games to play, stickers and the best organic Lolli pops a Doctors’ office could have! 

Also as you consider having your child(ren) become practice members, (for ages 11 and under) they get to choose a Teddy bear to keep! We will sign it to them personally and all we ask in return is that your child smile big as we take a photo to put up on the office T.V. (with your permission of course.)

As Dr. Bentley says, “never underestimate the healing power of a teddy bear!”