Chiropractic Patient Testimonials








Guru Dan Inosanto

"Dr. Jim Bentley has worked on and treated me on many occasions. I highly recommend him and his work. He is on the cutting edge of his field.

- Guru Dan Inosanto
Academy Marina Del Rey, California
(Close Friend and Instructor of Bruce Lee) 


Erik Paulson

"As an expert in Martial Arts...i'm very hard on my body daily. I need a doctor that can help balance my physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Dr. Jim Bentley can do all of that. His in depth acute eye and intuition makes him different from the rest. He can find any underlying problems that may not even be physical. If you want to be entirely healed by the best, go see Dr. Jim. You can never go wrong."

-Sensei Erik Paulson
Founder of CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling) and STX Kickboxing


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