Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jim Bentley, D. C. is a native of Tillamook, Oregon

"My Mission is to help as many people in my lifetime as I can... especially children." 

Becoming a chiropractor was a decision Dr. Bentley made after experiencing shoulder injuries while working his way through college.  Chiropractic care was responsible  for his recovery and speedy return to an active lifestyle and training in martial arts.  After graduating from Oregon State University with Bachelors of Science and a double minor in Chemistry and Equine Science, he attended Life University in Marietta, GA. and finished his philosophical chiropractic education at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC.

While attending the Chiropractic program, Dr. Bentley was able to continue his training in martial arts which included Wing Chun, Muay Thai, and Kali.  And became very familiar with providing care for athletes and MMA fighters. He actively trains in meditation, energy, and is currently writing several books dealing with inspiration, healing, and the energetic expression of health.  He also conducted research at Sherman College of Chiropractic on a new system of analysis and sequencing scheduled to be in peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Bentley is certified in Applied Kinesiology, Holographic Health, and certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in the Webster Technique to help expecting mothers and infants. He utilizes protocols from the Bentley Analytical System, NeuroEmotional Technique N.E.T., Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique B.E.S.T., The Freeman Technique, Sacro Occipital Technique S.O.T., Activator, and Network Spinal Analysis N.S.A. to name a few.

He feels very fortunate to learn from some of the finest chiropractors and healers in the world and as well, feels very excited to share this body of knowledge and its benefits with friends and extended family (practice members) throughout the North West.



Meet Our Staff

Our staff has been helping people live pain free since this clinic opened in Second Street Market located on Second Street in Tillamook, Oregon. We are now located in the same plaza as the Fern Cafe. Our staff is experienced and committed to promoting health.

Angel Schrum is our new office manager/events coordinator. She is local to Tillamook and loves hiking, running and road trips throughout our beautiful pacific northwest. She believes that to live life to the fullest, we must make our health a priority! 

Hayley Hahn assists in the office as a part of a work study program at Tillamook High School. She enjoys camping, baking cookies, and her passion for horses has lead her to pursue a future career in horse therapy. 

Our staff are pleased to answer any questions you may possibly have, promote products, take care of your payment and scheduling needs while doing their best to create a positive flow in the healing chiropractic rooms during your visit.

Angel and Hayley are friendly and personable, to ensure our patients feel comfortable and relaxed in our Wellness Center. 

We would like to wish Jaila the best of luck with her new adventures up in Washington and Amanda congratulations at her new role at Pacific House Restaurant, the newly refurbished restaurant is an exciting part of the Tillamook community. We hope to see you at our wellness center frequently!